Follow this page for our current project with a tale of fate and how our brand came to be.  This will be an interactive journey to explore, introducing you to our art, exploring styles and sharing our world.  

About Photographer and Editor John Zachary .....
Born in Texas and transplanted to Chicago IL, a nerdy storyteller at heart. Fascinated by the “What If…” and energized by a good tale. John Zachary began his journey as a Photographer, Editor, and Graphics Artist in 2015 alongside Knena Zachary while she worked for clients in Make-Up Artistry and took pictures for her portfolio. Sooner rather than later, he was thrust into the world of Photoshop and editing as he began sharpening his skills as a Photographer. Before long, John had become enamored with the creative possibilities that exist as a Digital Artist, beginning a road into the world of Motion Graphics and VFX. He continued pursuing the avenues of creativity that were, at the time, foreign to him as well as daunting from the realm that he barely understood existed outside of his hobby as a fictional writer and storyteller.

In 2016:
 John and Knena moved from Austin, TX to Chicago, IL and set to work in one mundane job after another to stay afloat. It wasn’t long before Knena had suggested that they pursue their creative interests full time. With a kick to his step and a lump in his throat he took the plunge with her into an entirely new world of living. Taking pictures of models, products, and behind the scene footage of cast and crew. John assisted and lead where applicable.

In 2017:
 John and Knena had become something more, establishing Cassie & Dee formally and committing to their passions full time. It was not without its challenges, testing their cleverness, resolve, or resourcefulness time and time again. They found themselves with hectic days and nights full of laughter.

Pandemic in full gear, no job, no business. It was a stroke of luck and resourcefulness from his partner and love Knena that allowed him passage to re-emerge from the depths of stagnation into the brutal and exhilarating world of Creative Business. Leaping over hurdles that surely stopped many. Her cleverness and creativity bolstered him. Thrusting him back into the world of Photography and Videography. Ready to tackle the bull that threw them off once before with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

2021 & Beyond:
It is not enough to say that they slammed to the ground running. Opening the business back up with a physical location. A sanctuary to work, produce, dream, and create they can now comfortably say “Never again…” to the work that promised security and then showed them anything but what was promised. Sporting new gear, a new passion, and an evolving skill set that can only promise bigger and better works as time marches on. John can now stare into the future and all of its promise and turmoil to pursue that which gives him the greatest joy. Stories...their twists and turns...visuals and dialogues...beginnings and ends. Is it enough to do what one loves or just what pays...the former is what he would say.
About Photographer, HMUA, Creative Director & Producer Knena Zachary ....
Born and raised in Chicago, mother, wife and entrepreneur Knena Zachary has been apart of the world of creative arts and production for over 20 years.  Gaining immense experience behind the scenes in independent film and traveling the world learning new techniques.  Knena brings a clear vision to your project with efficiency.  
 in 1996, Knena Started out as a HMUA, working on local productions, weddings and film projects. The opportunity granted with these productions also allowed Knena to further learn and enhance her abilities as a photographer and videographer.  
Traveling overseas in 2014,  Knena returned with a new passion for her art and a want to expand and explore new avenues of creativity. 
Within the studio, Knena has worked as a creative director and producer of content for her brand and others. 
Knena continues to learn, explore and educate in her crafts and the creative arts. 

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