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Who Is Cassie & Dee?


Cassie & Dee LLC is a husband and wife team that started in 2016.  John and Knena Zachary built Cassie & Dee with the mission to provide creative content that is empowering, inspirational and enlightening. At the core of Cassie & Dee is the understanding that visual content can be powerful, evoke emotion and positive change.  

Knena Zachary has been a hair and make-up artist for film, tv, independent works and corporate productions for over a decade. Her experience and expertise has allowed her to travel internationally and within the US.  In addition, Knena is a Writer, Producer, Digital Designer and Director.  Knena is CEO and Co-Founder of Cassie & Dee, Writer and Director for Cassie & Dee. Also a Photographer, Knena  handles a camera and provides a genuine perspective behind the lens, capturing emotion and intensity.

 Although Knena is known as a Make-Up Artist, her educational background is in art, including graphics, marketing and sales with a proven track record of implementing positive change everywhere she goes. 

John Zachary started in IT and found his passion in graphic design, photography and videography.  John leads the teams for  Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, including 3D and motion and editing for Cassie & Dee. John is also the CEO and Co-Founder for Cassie & Dee.  John is energetic and full of life.

Spearheading the Cassie & Dee team, the two of them provide a refreshing, energetic space to bring your visions to life.  Bridging art and tech together is the mission of their creative team, making your next project or event relatable, attractive and effective.

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Pre and Post Production services that includes Make-Up Art, Photography, Videography, Special Effects and Editing.  

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Follow us on IG @cassiendeemedia and watch us on Youtube to see what we can do visually as we share content and our ideas.  

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